The BBBC is one of the most ambitious and challenging projects the BBB has undertaken so far. When it opens, in 2009, the BBBC will be the vortex through which all BBB idea’s pass.



Originally a “sheep house”, the BBBC is situated in Rogues, a mountaintop village near Montpellier in the South of France. Extensively renovated, the BBBC is fully equipped to create and exhibit the work’s of the BBB, along with offering an international artist-in-residence programme to produce work connected with the region.

Whether it be painting or printing, bookmaking or filmmaking, writing or reading, the BBBC has the tools and iniative to realise any and all aspects of the above.



It can be said the BBB began it’s journey here, with the invention of the RTT and the first steps towards the BBB mythology. The BBBHorse was made here. And what goes around, comes around. With it’s tantalising sunsets while buzzards wheel high overhead and midnight foxes go padding slowly by the medieval farmhouses peopled by J. Tati extra’s, Rogues made the BBB come alive in a wholly unexpected unawaited fashion. There is fine local produce: wine, sausage, cheese and a daunting yet ultimately exhilarating five-hour bicycle ride to the nearest tobacconist, down the mountain, then… up the mountain.

home is represented, not by a house, but by a practice, or by a set of practices. Everyone has his own. These practices, chosen and not imposed, offer in their repetition, transient as they may be in themselves, more permanence, more shelter than any lodging. Home is no longer a dwelling but the untold story of a life being lived.

John Berger

I say, the BBBC walks it like it talks it.


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